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"What men can do to end violence against women and promote gender equality"

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Men’s Development Network & Healthy Ireland @ Garter Lane Arts Centre for Waterford Well Fest 2019

Mon 7th  –  1pm – Foyer  – Masterminding your Mental Health – Anita Furlong

Tues 8th –  1pm – Foyer  – Culture Club: How the Arts makes your Soul Sing – Sean Cooke

Weds 9th – 1pm – Foyer – The Art of Mindfullness in an Age of Climate Crisis – John Doyle

Thurs 10th – 11am -12pm  – Gallery – “Workshop – Maybe, I will Definitely Start Tomorrow” – Lorcan Brennan

Thurs 10th – 1pm  – Foyer – Pathways to Positivity – Lorcan Brennan

Thurs 10th – 1.15pm – Foyer – Positive Poetry Reading with Lorcan Brennan and open mic for World Mental Health Day

Fri 11th – the talk with Liam is postponed due to CreateFest in Garter Lane